Advisory Meeting of the CRONOS panel (WP7 ‘A survey future online’)

//Advisory Meeting of the CRONOS panel (WP7 ‘A survey future online’)

Advisory Meeting of the CRONOS panel (WP7 ‘A survey future online’)

2016-04-15T10:57:52+00:003 February 2016|

The first Advisory Board meeting of WP7 ‘A survey future online’ met on 2nd February 2016 in London to discuss the development of the cross-national online survey panel CRONOS. CRONOS panel is the first European probability-based cross-national online survey. It will be conducted in the UK, Estonia and Slovenia. CRONOS participants will be recruited from respondents to the face-to-face Round 8 European Social Survey (ESS) starting in September 2016. There will be a total of 6 waves of online data collection over 12 months, with the first wave starting in February 2017.

The Advisory Board consists of Europe’s leading web survey experts, combining outstanding methodological expertise with practical experience in organising and managing social online panel projects:

Michael Bosnjak (GESIS Panel, University of Mannheim)

Mario Callegaro (Google UK)

Anne Cornilleau (ELIPSS Panel, Sciences Po)

Salima Douhou (ESS Headquarters at City University London, formerly LISS Panel)

Vasja Vehovar (University of Ljubljana)

Sample recruitment and maintenance strategies, ethical considerations, possible areas for experimentation as well as selection of the web data collection and panel management tools were discussed during this productive meeting. Further, members of Advisory Board shared valuable insights from their experience with similar projects in other countries and addressed the distinctive features and possible areas of innovation in CRONOS panel.

Next meeting is scheduled for June 2016.