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Kristi Winters


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An important aim of the SERISS project is to share learning and expertise between project infrastructures and with the wider social science community.

This work package aims to:

  • Establish a joint domain for education and training for the three infrastructures ESS ERIC, SHARE ERIC and CESSDA ERIC
  • Enable researchers to manage data effectively
  • Offer training to increase data literacy within the research community
  • Provide training to increase scientific standards and transparency in how research is conducted
  • Maximise the benefits to the research community arising from the outputs of the SERISS project

WP5 tasks

Five different training and dissemination programmes are planned:

Training the community: using the developed tools

Task 5.1 aims to promote the wider use of the translation, data collection and socio-economic coding tools developed as part of SERISS by offering training materials and webinars on the different tools.

Data management training

In order to enable the research community to adopt common approaches for data management this task aims to develop training modules for online and face-to-face training on policy and practical issues of data collection and data curation.

Training on handling and harmonising survey data

This task is intended to train secondary data users how to better handle survey data and how to conduct ex ante harmonisation.

Statistical training for secondary data users

The aim of this task is to equip secondary users of already collected survey data with the skills and knowledge they need to analyse those data and help them acquire a better understanding of the underlying methodology of comparative survey research.

Building a survey network for Europe

This task aims to create a forum where survey practitioners who work on cross-national surveys can come together and discuss the future of the discipline. It will bring together a specialised audience that will offer input for the tools being built under SERISS. It will also serve as a dissemination forum, where experts will learn about the developed tools and their applications in state-of-the-art survey research.

Key Outputs