Work package leader:


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This overarching work package aims to:

  • Ensure the effective management of the cluster so that it achieves the intended scientific and impact objectives
  • Effectively and efficiently manage the activities of the beneficiaries in line with the requirements of the Grant Agreement and in accordance with the Consortium Agreement
  • Ensure optimal knowledge-sharing between parties within and beyond the Cluster

The WP covers seven responsibilities that are on-going through the lifetime of the project:

  1. Hosting, chairing and servicing Consortium meetings
  2. Chairing and servicing the meetings of the Work Package Review Board
  3. Monitoring progress on all work packages and reviewing/approving deliverables
  4. Reporting to the European Commission on behalf of the partners
  5. Liaison with the European Commission on all necessary communications (unless the Grant Agreement determines otherwise)
  6. Financial management – distributing payments to beneficiaries and maintaining full records of payments made
  7. Appointment of and liaison with the Board of Strategic Advice