A number of presentations have been given by those involved in SERISS at various international conferences. Their presentation slides are available to view and download in PDF format by clicking on the titles below.

International Workshop on Comparative Survey Design and Implementation (CSDI) 2019

A number of presentations by the SERISS team were delivered at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Poland, on 18-20 March 2019, for the CSDI Workshop 2019. Copies of the slides presented are available:

European Survey Research Association (ESRA) Conference 2017

The 7th Conference of the European Survey Research Association was held in Lisbon, Portugal, on 17-21 July 2017. The conference was hosted by three schools within the University of Lisbon: the School of Economics and Management (ISEG), the Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Management (CSG) and the Institute for Social Sciences (ICS).

International Workshop on Comparative Survey Design and Implementation (CSDI) 2017

There were five presentations delivered by SERISS at the CSDI Workshop held from 16-18 March 2017 at the University of Mannheim, Germany. The Workshop was hosted by GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Science and Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES). CSDI was founded in 2002 to improve comparative survey design, implementation and related analysis.

3MC International Conference 2016

Members of the SERISS project took part in some sessions held at the Second International Conference on Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional and Multicultural Contexts (3MC 2016). The conference was held in Chicago, United States, from 25-29 July.

Presentations were given by:

Q2016 – European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics

The SERISS project organised a panel at Q2016 – European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics – which took place in Madrid, Spain, from 31 May until 3 June 2016.

The panel – Synergies for Europe’s Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences and Official Statistics – aimed to promote the project and its outputs to National Statistics Institutes. Presentations showcased the value of social surveys as a source of high quality data and highlighted the commonalities between work carried out under SERISS and the challenges being addressed by the European Statistical System as part of ESS Vision 2020.

Presentations were given by:

IASSIST 2016 Conference

SERISS member – the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA ERIC) – organised a plenary session at the IASSIST 2016 Conference in Bergen, Norway, on 2 June

The session – CESSDA sets the stage for the data infrastructure of the future – demonstrated to the audience CESSDA’s research activities on an international level presenting both external and internal projects, including the SERISS project. This year’s IASSIST conference was called ‘Data Revolution′: Opportunities and Challenges for Research’ and was held in Norway from 31 May until 3 June 2016.

Presentations were given by: