SERISS representative:

Anne Gauthier

Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute

The GGP is a longitudinal survey of 18-79 year olds in 19 countries that aims to improve our understanding of the various factors – including public policy and programme interventions – which affect the relationships between parents and children (generations) and between partners (gender).

A broad array of topics including fertility, partnership, the transition to adulthood, economic activity, care duties and attitudes are covered by the survey. The GGP also provides access to an accompanying contextual database which provides researchers with macro level indicators on issues related to generations and gender which help scientists explore the links between social context and individual’s lives.

Within SERISS the GGP is participating in a number of working packages. Notably, under WP6: New forms of data - legal, ethical and quality issues, the GGP is leading a task which examines the legal and practical challenges to data linking in social survey research. The GGP has a long history of linking its survey respondents to administrative records and so is well placed to explore how social surveys can further exploit this rich source of data whilst respecting respondent’s data rights and protecting their privacy. The GGP will also be applying its experience with administrative data to explore ways in which it can help improve data quality and a survey’s representativeness.