SERISS representative:

Ruud Luijkx

Tilburg University

The European Values Study (EVS) is a large-scale, cross-national, and longitudinal survey research program on basic human values.

It provides insight into the ideas, beliefs, preferences, attitudes, values and opinions of citizens all over Europe. It is a unique research project on how Europeans think about life, family, work, religion, politics and society.

The EVS started in 1981, when a thousand citizens in the European Member States of that time were interviewed using standardised questionnaires. Since then, the survey has been repeated every nine years in an increasing number of countries. The fourth wave in 2008 covers no less than 47 European countries/regions, from Iceland to Armenia and from Greece to Norway. In total, about 70,000 people in Europe were interviewed in that wave. The data from these waves were the basis for thousands of publications, including two Atlases of European Values.

At the moment, preparations for the fifth wave (to be fielded in 2017) are under way. This wave will be a further step towards a more modern setup of the EVS survey using a mix of face-to-face and web surveys. Our collaboration with other surveys within WP4: Interactive tools for cross-national surveys will help realise this goal for the upcoming wave. EVS will also contribute to WP7: A survey future online.