Infrastructure: ESS ERIC
Affiliation: Universitat Pompeu Fabra
SERISS input:

Task Leader – Task 3.2


Diana Zavala-Rojas is a survey methodologist interested in all aspects of the survey lifecycle. She is a specialist in multinational, multiregional and multilingual comparative (3MC) surveys holding a doctorate in comparative survey methodology. Diana regularly consults and lectures on questionnaire design, quality of survey questions and analysis of survey data.

Diana is a member of the Core Scientific Team (CST) of the European Social Survey (ESS) collaborating on questionnaire design, translation, measurement quality and cross-national measurement equivalence. She has participated in the design and evaluation of the questionnaires of the ESS Rounds 6 to 9. She is also a member of the ESS Translation Expert Task Group.

Diana is a researcher in the SERISS project, studying the feasibility of applying computational linguistic methods to survey translation.

Her current research lines focus on 1) quality of cross-cultural survey data, analysing the effects of minority languages in the reliability and validity questions. 2) Language effects in surveys by studying multilingual measurement equivalence. 3) Survey translation and, 4) correction for measurement errors in survey research. Other research interests are experimental designs in survey research and structural equation modelling.

As a survey advisor, she has large experience in questionnaire design, measurement quality of survey questions and analysis of survey data. In her previous experience, she coordinated the electoral surveys of a national newspaper for the 2006’s Mexican presidential election. She collaborated as public opinion consultant at Mexican Senate and the Mexican Congress. Diana has been consultant for World Health Organization (WHO) advising on projects in Turkey and Spain.

Her research interests are comparative survey methodology, language effects, questionnaire design and SEM.