Lozar Manfreda, Katja

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Lozar Manfreda, Katja2016-10-07T11:11:44+00:00
Infrastructure: ESS ERIC
Affiliation: University of Ljubljana
SERISS input:

Task Partner – Task 7.1, 7.7


Katja Lozar Manfreda is an associate professor of statistics and methodology at the Faculty of Social Sciences University of Ljubljana. Her research work concentrates on the methodology of web surveys. She belongs to a research group that has been one of the first to study the Internet’s potential as a survey tool (since 1996). Recently, she co-authored a book on web survey methodology by Sage (Callegaro, Lozar Manfreda, Vehovar. 2015. Web survey methodology). Within the field of web survey methodology, K. Lozar Manfreda researched the problems of web survey questionnaire design, nonresponse, mode effect, measurement of ego – centric social networks, optimization of survey errors and survey costs, mixed – mode surveys, and comparisons of the data quality of web versus other survey modes.