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Infrastructure: ESS ERIC
Affiliation: City, University of London
SERISS input:

SERISS Coordinator

Infrastructure Head – ESS ERIC


Rory Fitzgerald is the Director of ESS ERIC and the Coordinator of SERISS.

Rory became the Director of the European Social Survey (ESS) in November 2012 having worked on the ESS at City, University of London since 2004.  He is responsible for the design, coordination, management and methodological development of the ESS and heads its Core Scientific Team.  He leads the ESS Questionnaire Design subgroup and works closely with the academic teams selected to design question modules and with the National Coordinators in each country on the detailed implementation of the survey.

His current substantive research is on migrant attitudes towards homosexuality, ageism and attitudes towards non-traditional family patterns.  His methodological focus is on cross-national questionnaire design and pre-testing, reducing comparison error in cross-national surveys, survey non response and mixed mode data collection.

Before joining the ESS Rory was a Research Director at the National Centre for Social Research, which he joined in 1999, having previously worked at The Gallup Organization where he conducted political opinion polling.