Løvlie, Audun

/Løvlie, Audun
Løvlie, Audun 2017-06-15T13:28:15+00:00
Infrastructure: CESSDA ERIC
Affiliation: Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD)
SERISS input:

Task Partner– Task 6.1


Audun Løvlie started working as an adviser for Section for Data Protection Services at NSD in December 2014. As the Data Protection Official for a majort part of the Norwegian research sector, NSD do prior assessments of research projects and provide guidance to institutions, researchers and students on privacy protection. Audun has a masters in Sociology from University of Bergen and has accumulated significant experience on legal and ethical issues and their consequences for research use and access to various types of data, both through his time at the Data Protection Official and as an assistant and adviser from February 2012 to December 2014 at NSDs section for Individual Level Data.