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SERISS highlights at ESRA next week

Those working on the SERISS project will take part in a number of sessions at the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) 2017 conference being held in Lisbon, Portugal, next week (17th-21st July).

2017-07-11T16:24:42+01:0011 July 2017|

Survey sampling training course announced

A second SERISS training course on survey sampling, weighting and estimation will take place at the University of Ljubljana on 24-25 April 2017. The training session - Sampling, Weighting and Estimation in Survey Methodology will be instructed by Stefan Zins and Matthias Sand of GESIS.

2017-05-12T12:09:44+01:0023 January 2017|

SERISS featured in Pan European Networks magazine

An article about SERISS has appeared in the fifth anniversary special edition of Pan European Networks: Science & Technology. An article written by Dr. Sarah Butt of the European Social Survey outlines the aims, ambitions and areas of work within the SERISS project.

2016-10-05T12:04:04+01:005 October 2016|

First SERISS training course announced

25 participants will be given the chance to attend the first ever SERISS training course at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia this autumn. The two-day training course - Designing questionnaires for cross-cultural surveys - will be held on 24-25 October 2016.

2017-01-20T10:19:20+01:0018 April 2016|

Three SERISS research infrastructures become ESFRI Landmarks

Three SERISS research infrastructures - the European Social Survey (ESS ERIC), the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE ERIC) and the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA AS) - have been recognised as ESFRI Landmarks by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI).

2016-04-15T10:57:00+01:0010 March 2016|

Advisory Meeting of the CRONOS panel (WP7 ‘A survey future online’)

The first Advisory Board meeting of WP7 ‘A survey future online’ met on 2nd February 2016 in London to discuss the development of the cross-national online survey panel CRONOS. CRONOS panel is the first European probability-based cross-national online survey. It will be conducted in the UK, Estonia and Slovenia. CRONOS participants will be recruited from respondents to the face-to-face Round 8 European Social Survey (ESS) starting in September 2016. There will be a total of 6 waves of online data collection over 12 months, with the first wave starting in February 2017.

2016-04-15T10:57:52+01:003 February 2016|