Three members of the SERISS project took part in a workshop with some of the world’s leading cross-national and cross-cultural surveys at City, University of London on 12-13 September.

Hosted by SERISS project leader, the European Social Survey (ESS), the meeting was also attended by representatives of the European Values Study (EVS) and Generations and Gender Programme (GGP).

The workshop heard from SERISS project manager Sarah Butt of the ESS who explained how infrastructures are working together to deliver SERISS work packages.

The presentation had a specific focus on efforts to improve translation, the development of a suite of interactive tools for use by cross-national surveys and the CROss-National Online Survey Panel (CRONOS) currently being piloted.

Ruud Luijkx of the European Values Study (EVS) presented during the workshop, explaining how the EVS is experimenting with mixed mode (face to face and web) in the latest round of their survey. Luijkx also emphasised that the Translation Management Tool, updated under SERISS, is being used by the EVS.

Deidre Casella from the Generations and Gender Programme (GGP) focused on efforts to work collaboratively with others and the need to educate and empower the next generation of social scientists in using datasets.

Designed to encourage future collaboration between surveys, the workshop heard from Pew Research, International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) and the Afro, Arab, Asian and Latino barometers.

Representatives from Australian Social Attitudes, the East Asian Social Survey, Eurofound, the General Social Survey (United States) and South African Social Attitudes Survey were also in attendance.

The workshop was chaired by Beth-Ellen Pennell, Director of International Survey Operations at the University of Michigan Survey Research Center.

The final session of the workshop focused on identifying methodological and substantive ways of working together in future to benefit the way surveys are undertaken.