pan_stAn article about the SERISS project has appeared in the fifth anniversary special edition of Pan European Networks: Science & Technology.

Pan European Networks has published their Science & Technology magazine 20 times over the past five years, and SERISS features in their September 2016 edition.

An article written by Dr. Sarah Butt of the European Social Survey outlines the aims, ambitions and areas of work within the SERISS project.

It highlights how the project – funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme – brings together a number of groups to facilitate collaboration and infrastructure building within the social science sector.pan

By exploiting synergies and economies of scale – and possibly pooling sampling resources in future – Dr. Butt writes about how SERISS is facing up to the significant challenges posed by collecting data cross-nationally.

The article touches on how SERISS is looking to better understand survey non-response and compare translation techniques used by the projects involved.

Dr. Butt also explains how the project is focusing on question design and documentation – and how surveys can embrace the future by using digital technology, particularly around data collection.

Pan European Networks provides relevant and up to date information for the use of the European Commission as well as government departments across the continent.

It has published a Government magazine on 19 occasions and has recently introduced a Defence Management Review edition.

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